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This year can be described as Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 engraved bumper, even the introduction of Low Infrared 23 11s version is also increasing. Recently, a new dark green color Cheap Jordan 11 Infrared spy photos online outflows. Details embellished with beautiful crystal shoe outsole fluorescent color. It is reminiscent of the World Cup theme color. Infrared 23 11s will continue to try to re-integration of the classic elements, thus creating a new shoes. Recently, the Internet out of the Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 a spy. This time is not difficult to see that followed the Jordan 11 Infrared shoes type, plus Infrared 23 Low 11s shoe and heel design

Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23

The new seventh generation Paul signature shoe Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 designed for speed and dribbling point guard ingenuity to create a variety of powerful technology mutual integration, once again open for the players Jordan 11 Infrared 23 always excellent sense of speed and winning golf course dress sense , let your lightning sensitive, perfect control of the ITF . Low Infrared 23 11s equipped with the new cladding design, can effectively relieve hot foot discomfort, time for the feet to create a lightweight and comfortable feeling. The latest generation Infrared 23 11s of fly line (FLYWIRE) to the foot shape an unprecedented sense of lightness , fit of the support force and breathable feel , even for a long time in a Jordan 11 Infrared fierce war , can still help you maintain a high state .

Low Infrared 23 11s

PODULITE midsole cushioning system for the new Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 generation of intense exercise to create a reliable protection of the feet , reducing the shoe body weight but also to optimize the resilience that allows players Jordan 11 Infrared 23 with top comfort your feet when you feel a strong shock , ZOOM AIR cushion equipped with more powerful , so the foot closer to the ground , to help you always stable self-expression , is the Low Infrared 23 11s incarnation of the king to control the game . XDR abrasion rubber outsole bone engraved with classic Infrared 23 11s herringbone pattern, maximizing the remainder of the material to achieve a reduction in wear resistance and superior lightweight grip . Flex grooves ingenuity arranged to give greater flexibility in the legs and feet feel Infrared 23 Low 11s natural gait stability TPU film , the more your feet and provide excellent anti- distorting Jordan 11 Infrared support in the foot , a hundred percent reliable protection of the feet .